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NEWS on Guns & Firearms

Illegal firearm found in collection
A Roanoke County man was convicted Monday of having a machine gun among the collection of high-power firearms he kept in the basement of his Verndale Drive home.

Samuel Morris Overstreet, 47, will face up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced later in U.S. District Court in Roanoke. go to article

Athens Officer Shot On Duty Talks to WAFF
An Athens police officer shot in the line of duty tells his story to WAFF 48 News.

Two bullets struck Sergeant Brett Constable overnight Saturday when a party in Athens got out of hand.go to article

Pit bull is shot after attacking teen
City police shot and killed a dog at a downtown home Monday afternoon after the animal attacked a boy.go to article

New FBI Crime Report Debunks Predictions About End of Semi-Auto Ban
"Recently released data from the FBI clearly show that the dire predictions by anti- gunners last fall over the end of the so-called 'assault weapons ban' have proven to be groundless, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) noted today. The FBI reported that for the first time since 1999, homicides declined last year 5.4 percent in cities with more than 1 million people, and overall, murders fell 3.6 percent nationwide. 'Anti-gun hysterics have once again been proven wrong in their fear mongering,' said SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb. 'Their forecasts of blood running in the streets were baseless, and they knew it. However, when you're in a war to crush a Constitutional right, one class of firearms at a time, truth is typically the first casualty.'" go to article

Split decision for gun control
"Illinois legislators working through the Memorial Day holiday gave one victory to gun control advocates and gave another victory to gun owners. The former is a new version of legislation to crack down on gun show purchases of firearms. The latter would let people who transport weapons deal with a single, consistent statewide standard instead of facing a patchwork of rules in different communities. 'The bill on transporting weapons is just a common sense bill,' said Sen. John Sullivan, D-Rushville. SB2104 got broad bipartisan support and would have kept firearms owners from facing prosecution for violating local gun ordinances as long as they were transporting their weapons legally -- according to state and federal laws." go to article

Opinions mixed on gun law
"Are you the type of person who naturally feels nervous around those who tower over you?

Or maybe you get jumpy as you walk along a dark street at night, dangerous possibilities running through your mind with every person who crosses your path.

With Florida's new deadly force law recently validated by the signature of Gov. Jeb Bush, local legal and law enforcement minds are considering these subjective emotions before the law takes effect Oct. 1.
The law - in addition to formally recognizing the 'castle doctrine' holding that people have a right to protect themselves in their own homes using deadly force - also removes the duty to retreat from physical confrontations in public places.

It is this concept of expanding the purview of the 'castle' outside the home that has some predicting deadly incidents that could have been avoided by backing down.

But it is an idea that was powered through the Florida Legislature by the National Rifle Association and supported by 133 lawmakers."
go to article

H.R. 800 Passes Out Of House Judiciary Committee
"On Wednesday, May 25, the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 800 (the House version of the 'Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,') by a vote of 22-12 and ALL proposed anti-gun amendments were defeated!

Commenting on the legislation, the bill's cosponsor, Representative Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), reiterated one of the core tenets of this common sense bill: 'This measure provides protection only against lawsuits based on the criminal or unlawful acts of third parties--not against their own negligent or criminal conduct. Under this measure, manufacturers or sellers must operate entirely within federal and state law and are still liable for acts of negligence and for defective products.'
And Representative Rick Boucher (D-Va.), the Democratic cosponsor, voiced the opinion that there is no reason to allow the lawsuits to continue. 'The effort of cities to sue gun manufacturers because someone misuses a firearm is nothing but an attempt to impose gun control by judicial means.'

H.R. 800 enjoys strong bipartisan support and currently has 255 cosponsors. The legislation will now move to the House floor for a vote. We will keep you posted as the vote is scheduled.

To help keep this momentum going, it is imperative that you continue to contact your U.S. Representative and Senators and urge them to support and cosponsor H.R. 800 and its Senate counterpart, S. 397--without any anti-gun amendments."
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Auto Assault-12 Shotgun/FRAG-12 High-Explosive
DefenseReview readers may remember the short article we published on the Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) Shotgun back in October (2004). The article was titled 'Auto Assault 12 (AA12) Combat Shotgun for Mil/LE Special Operations'. The standard AA-12 (18' or 16' barrel) and more compact AA-12 CQB (13' barrel) shotguns will most likely 'change the game' with regard to combat shotgun capability/effectiveness and flexibility for infantry combat (especially for urban warfare ops and CQB), if it ends up getting adopted by the U.S. military in large numbers."
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Keith supports Soldiers
CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq - As a sea of desert camouflage pressed against the newly-assembled Camp Liberty stage, Toby Keith greeted his fans, saying, 'Isn't it great to be in Baghdad?'
Amid cheers, he corrected himself: 'No, it isn't!'

Gun Owners Laud Deadly Force Law
TAMPA - William Haymond, a former Marine, proudly wears a veteran's pin on his black baseball cap. There's also a pin from the National Rifle Association, an organization Haymond has been a member of since 1953."

Unruly Man Jailed After Trying To Grab St. Marys Officers' Guns
A man believed to be intoxicated when police were called got in much more serious trouble when he became belligerent with St. Marys officers and tried to grab their guns not once, but twice." read more

Local Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder
DETROIT -- A local homeowner shot and killed an intruder who entered his home overnight, Local 4 reported.

The 70-year-old Detroit resident fired four shots at a man who apparently broke into the home on the 3200 block of Fullerton." read more

Army wants soldiers to get used to guns
Fort Jackson recruits now are given guns much earlier in basic training and carry them almost 24/7

Giving recruits a gun so early in boot camp and expecting them to carry it almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week marks a radical change in how the Army trains its soldiers. read more

Mothers Against Guns treasurer in court for theft
The ex-treasurer of a leading anti-gun campaign group appeared in court today accused of stealing nearly £17,000 from the pressure group.

Maureen Lynch, 55, is accused of the theft of £16,963 from Mothers Against Guns between March 23 and September 19 last year. read more

Police arrest suspected firearm theif
Two men each face a felony charge stemming from the April 30 theft of a rifle from a house in the 100 block of Eleanor, police said. Police arrested and charged Joshua Keith Gay, 18, with state jail felony theft of a firearm, records show. " read more

Illinois House rejects assault weapon ban
Illinois lawmakers narrowly rejected a proposed ban on assault weapons and .50-caliber rifles Tuesday amid intense lobbying by both sides in the debate." read more

Man allegedly shoots would-be burglars
Was it self-defense or vigilante justice? Police say a man shot two burglars who broke into his house Monday morning. It happened at North 18th and Cumberland in Waco. After two unarmed men broke into a house there, police say the man who lived drove up and shot both of them. When they ran away, he started shooting their car. " read more

Store owner, 80, returns to work, gun at the ready, after shootout
The gun, a Taurus. 38 Special six-shooter, is the frequent butt of jokes at the tiny grocery on Green Avenue, near the railroad tracks at the southern end of this Crittenden County town. read more

Cop attacked, gun stolen
TAJIMA, Gifu -- A police officer who stopped two men driving a stolen truck was attacked and his service revolver stolen Friday night, police said. read more

Gun accident injures man at ExpoMart
A Monroeville man was wounded in an apparent accident at the Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association Show at the Pittsburgh ExpoMart in Monroeville yesterday. read more

Majority of council resigns over police chief's gun business
A majority of the City Council in this central Iowa town resigned over rifts in town, most recently a flap over the police chief's gun distribution business. Councilwoman Merry Lee Novak resigned last week saying she was worried the city could face a lawsuit if Police Chief Dave Roberts' firearms business overlapped with city business" read more

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